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How to use email templates in outlook

If you value your time, Outlook templates is your best friend. Using templates is vital to your marketing campaign, freeing you from having to write the same email a hundred times over. This is especially relevant if you cover a bulk amount of emails for your cold email campaigns and want to create one email that will contain the same message to all your prospects. This is a standard procedure and templates are the best option for covering all your leads.

In this article we will look over the basics and go step by step through the process of creating email templates. At the end, you will have your first template for cold emailing ready. Let’s begin our small journey through the Outlook software.

Step 1:

Start your Outlook

Launch your Outlook application and create a new email. When starting a new message, you don’t have to fill the subject field like you always do.

Step 2:

Decide on the message for the template

Now, write the message that you want to use as your template. Usually this is some sort of a response, a good example would be a template for HR’s responses to either approve or decline a certain CV. It can also be an auto response to business enquiries from a potential prospect.

Step 3:

Create your template

After you’ve determined what message you want to use as a template, follow the instructions to save your email message. Press the button with the name File > Save As. Then you need to change the extension of the file. When the pull-down list appears, choose the Outlook Template file type. Then save the file and that’s it! You’ve successfully created your first email template that you can quickly reuse anytime and anywhere you want.

Step 4:

Location of your templates

We created our first template but where can we find it? You need to click New Items > More Items > Choose Form > User Templates in File System. From here, you can choose the template as your message and start sending emails to your potential leads and prospects.


Find and verify emails for your first email campaign

Here we are, looking at our first email template, but what is the point of having a template if you don’t even have emails? To fix this we need a set of tools to extract emails from targeted platforms. These tools are email finder and email verifier.

Email Finder is used to extract emails from a specific web platform. It’s available as a Chrome extension and can be used on the fly while you are browsing the web. Email finder searches the targeted platform and extracts the data right into the Chrome extension from where it can be exported to your account. Done with extracting emails and think you can start a campaign with your new template? Almost, but first we need to complete our last step.

Email Verifier is the last, but not the least important, element. With this tool you can bulk verify your email list and clean it from invalid and garbage emails. Moreover, some email verifier tools perform a database comparison with the email list to detect and separate bounced emails. Because both email finder and email verifier are available as Chrome extensions you can perform verification right in the extension box.

Now you’ve got your bulk list of emails, fully verified and ready to be used. So what are you waiting for? Start your first email campaign now, and see how effective the combination of email templates and email finder and verifier tools can be.


Email templates are amazing if you want to create an all-in-all message that can be used infinite amount of times. Save your time and create a message for the response you are going to be using many times in the future. Don’t hesitate to create templates for all sorts of messages to help you hunt your potential leads.

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