How to register in Outlook in 2018 – 6 easy steps

Let’s get knowing how to register your new account at Outlook.

Sending and receiving emails between users via e-mail is becoming more popular. Today it is impossible to imagine the full use of many Internet resources without registration, where one of the mandatory items is the need to specify an e-mail address. One of the free email services is This e-mail service is provided by Microsoft and can be installed on your personal computer. We recommend the use of software from an official source, as this will allow you to protect your computer viruses and install an updated version of the program. In this step-by-step guide with photos, you will learn how to register an account with the free mail system in 6 easy steps:

Step 1

Begin by going to the official website of the program developers at this link –

Then click the “Create account” button.

How to register in OutlookStep 2

Then you can choose your email name and click “Next”.

How to register in Outlook

Step 3

Next step you must to create secure password with letters and numbers. Better to use some of password generators to do so.

After that, click “Next”

How to register in Outlook

Step 4

Now we need to set up our First and Last Name.

How to register in Outlook

Step 5

Then choose your Country and don’t forget about your birthdate.

How to register in Outlook

Step 6

On this step we need to verify email account. And to do so – just select your country code and write down your phone number. Then click the “Next” button. After that you must enter the access code and click on “Next” button again.

How to register in Outlook

That’s it.

You have just set up your first Outlook email account!

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