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How to move emails from Outlook Express

Sometimes you need to export your Outlook Express emails. This article is about going from Outlook Express to another program or computer. Outlook’s export function is generally useless and doesn’t solve the problem. There’s a lot of different services that will try to help with solving this problem, but most of them fail to deliver. So here are some solutions that will be more helpful than all those paid programs out there.

Save your Outlook Express files, so if something bad happens during the export you can restore your email you gathered.

Export to another program

Go through the steps down below:

  1. Open Outlook Express.
  2. Be sure you are in offline mode. If you are not, go to Choose File -> Offline.
  3. Select the folder with the emails you stored with email finder and email verifier and do whatever you want either archive/backup/export.
  4. Select the specific emails or use Edit -> Select All if you need to select everything. Don’t forget that Outlook has a built-in sort function.
  5. Continue with clicking “Forward”. Form here all your selected emails you prospected with email finder and email verifier will become attachments to the created message. You can enter any details that will become the part of the message.
  6. Go on with selecting Choose File -> Save As and save your message (it will save all your attached emails) to a file in a backup folder. After all this you should have a file with .eml extension.
  7. You can now close your message, don’t worry about saving it.
  8. You can go back in online mode. Just press using File -> Offline and remove the check on the box.
  9. Close your Outlook application.
  10. Check if all your emails were exported correctly.

By following these steps, you copied all your emails in a one single message. This method works if you want to export emails to another program.

Export to another computer

Here’s a method for copying your emails from one computer to another:

On your old computer you should create an archive of your email from Outlook Express. The best way to do it is by copying original data from root directory, where are all emails at. They are all stored in special directory, which is called either inbox.dbx or sent.dbx. Just look for the files with .dbx extension and copy them. The default location of the folders:

C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application

Data\Microsoft\Identities\series_of_numbers_and_letters\Outlook Express

Username is obviously your username and the series of numbers and letters is data, which is automatically created by your computer.

Also, you should look for a file with .wab extension. It contains all your contact’s information, so don’t forget to save that too. The location of the folder where the file is the following:

C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Microsoft\Address Book

Cool, we did a backup of all the data we needed, now it’s a high time to start a migration. Depending on your operation system you will either have to deal with Windows Mail (Vista) or Windows Live Mail (Vista, 7, 8):

1) Go to From File -> Import Messages -> Microsoft Outlook Express 6 and press button Next. Get all your emails from the Outlook service. Now go to the backup folder and go on. It should work both for Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail.

If you want to import contacts to go to, File -> Import -> Windows Contacts and select the folder, that contains your contacts in it.

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